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About Us

DHWANI began in 2001 as an educational initiative of Shivananda Hombal. Shivananda has been in the education field as a Teacher, Resource Person and Innovator for over 30 years. He has created many innovative teaching materials and methods for Kannada language and Social Studies. He is also the author of Kannada language workbooks for classes 1 to 7 published by Orient Longman. In 2003, Shivananda had also been involved as trainer and implementer in an ICT-based education project of Worldlinks, a World Bank spin-off.

Legal status

DHWANI Trust is registered under the Societies Act 1961 (Reg# 201-2001). It is a Charitable trust under section 12A of Income tax act.

Donations made to DHWANI are exempt from Income tax under section 80G. Dhwani is also registered under FCRA, enabling it to receive donations in foreign currency (FCRA Regn# 094421240)

The Board

DHWANI Trustees are:
Mr. Shivananda Hombal - Director
Dr. S.N.Gananath - Director of SUVIDYA, an Educational Resource Centre in Bangalore, Karnataka
Dr. Basavaraj Kalgudi - Literary Critic & Professor of Kannada in Bangalore University
Mr. Prabhakara H.R. – An IT Consultant and Trainer

The Team

Shivananda Hombal

Shivananda has been involved in the teaching learning process as Teacher, Resource Person and Innovator for over 20 years. He has created many innovative teaching materials and methods for Kannada language and Social Studies. As Trainer and Resoure Person

  1. He was a Resource Person in the World Bank funded District Primary Education Program (D.P.E.P)
  2. Conducted Training workshops on History and Language for NGOs and CRPs
  3. Developed Kannada language Kits for 60 schools in Raichur and Bangalore city
  4. Developed course material for Chinnara Angala, a program for school dropouts
  5. Trained Govt High school teachers in Using IT in Education

Experience as an Educator

Shivananda was a Kannada Literature Lecturer during 1985-90. Later he taught for 10 years at the Valley School, Bangalore. He has also taught at the Gifted Education And Research (GEAR) Foundation School & Mallya Aditi International school, Bangalore Shivananda’s creative educational output also includes:

  1. A method of teaching Kannada language using stories, games, activities and skits
  2. Directing of many Kannada plays for both schoolchildren and college students
  3. Adoption of Folk games and rhymes to teach the Kannada language
  4. Co-ordination of cultural programmes and organizing of Educational tours



  1. Kannada Kasturi (Workbook for beginners- published by Orient Blackswan (formerly Orient Longman))
  2. Kannada workbooks for class 1 to 7 (Published by Orient long man)
  3. Kali-Nali (Book published by D.P.E.P and Kannada Pustaka Pradhikar)
  4. Kali-Nali - In the Editorial Team for this Children's wall Magazine
  5. Dose Pase - primary rhymes Cassette with a book
  6. Designed a Kannada Learning Models book which was published by ANKITHA PUSTHA, a leading Kannada Publisher

Radio & TV


  1. Designed and anchored a 13-episode educational resource programme called MINUGU MINCHU for High school level students
  2. Served as Kannada News Reader for UDAYA TV from June 2000 to March 2002

Raghavan Srinivasan

Raghavan Srinivasan has been with Dhwani since 2004 and is involved in all aspects of Dhwani’s work.

He has been working with voluntary organizations for the last 8 years. He has been involved from project conceptualization to execution in various supporting roles in these organizations including being Trainer, Consultant and Fundraiser.

His previous experience was in companies for 16 years. An Electrical Engineer by qualification, his corporate experience includes being in various roles in a major software house including many years as a senior manager and head of a department.

Prabhakara H.R.

Prabhakara H.R. is a trustee of Dhwani. In addition, he acts as an advisor to Dhwani. He has his own consultancy and training firm catering mostly to IT companies.

Harish Amur

Harish Amur is part of the think tank of Dhwani. He develops and maintains Dhwani’s website and assists Dhwani in all Technology matters. His previous experience was in a major IT corporation for over 10 years.